The transition to a libertarian friendly government, or perchance an anarchist society. How? That is the question that there seems to be no clear answer to. This is a question that I myself do not have a perfect answer to, but I shall try my best to share my opinions of at least some parts of the process.

First and foremost we must not forget our main goal. Whether that is a minarchist society or an anarchist society, that must always be what we strive for. We absolutely can not make it our purpose to achieve the compromise. This sacrifices our ideals and potentially some ground gained for the little bit of liberty assured by these compromises. G.K. Chesterton said it best:

“This definite ideal is a far more urgent and practical matter in our existing English trouble than any immediate plans or proposals. For the present chaos is due to a sort of general oblivion of all that men were originally aiming at. No man demands what he desires; each man demands what he fancies he can get. Soon people forget what the man really wanted first; and after a successful and vigorous political life, he forgets it himself.”

This is not to say that we can not accept the compromises that come our way, as long as we do not begin to seek these compromises.

What we must focus on is ridding ourselves of this nanny state that has come to be. Each year our government finds another area of our lives to stick their hands into, placing restrictions on what we can do to our person. Through this process the nanny state has effectively destroyed the desire as well as the ability of the people to make their own moral decisions. This poses a problem for those of us who dream of liberty. The effect of the nanny state has brought us to a place where there would be mass disorder if this change was made over night, we have been forced into a place where we need to slowly eradicate the control in our lives unless we want to bring about an age of chaos. Even in this situation we must reach for the ideal, to see the state no longer direct our moral decisions.  And in doing this perchance we will see the slow release of control by those in power.

I regard the existence of the nanny state as the crucial point in our quest for a libertarian society. Once this is conquered the rest of the change can be brought about with much less pain.

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2 responses to “Transition

  1. Jeremiah

    I have a question. Why is it that governors running as conservatives have come into office (Wisconsin and MI) specifically, and passed intrusive legislation, ie. emergency powers to take over local units of government and break contracts without the vote of the public or other restraining forces? Or, in the case of Wisconsin break the back of public employee unions? Are these illustrations of government over reach?

    • And this is why I do not identify with the conservative movement. As for why? I do not know the why behind the actions that yes, I would consider these examples government over reach. The only consideration to make is that these are state governments doing such. I am glad there is variation among the states as to control over the people, the constitution allows for that (see 10th amendment). For this you would have to look at state constitutions to see if these actions are prohibited or not.

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