Hot Topic: Abortion

Abortion is a moral choice, unfortunately its morality is relative. Personally I am pro-life, but that is only because my starting assumptions are different from those of a pro-choice person. You see, if you take this issue back to the start of the thought process, you no longer have a much of a moral decision to make. As someone of the pro-life thought mentality I believe that person-hood starts at conception. This contrasts with a person of the pro-choice variety who submit to the idea that life starts either later in the pregnancy or at birth.

You see, I am pro-life because my starting beliefs give me no choice but to consider abortion as murder*, and committing such an act would violate that baby’s property right over their body, id est the right to life. The pro-choice line of thought allows people a moral decision. Since they consider the baby/fetus as not a person, it has no rights and therefore carrying out an abortion is not murder.

Now while I do not agree with the pro-choice beliefs about what constitutes life and/or person-hood, I can understand why abortion is seemingly okay when following that belief system. And this is why I hold to what I have stated many a time before. Stop arguing the act of abortion, it will get you nowhere rather, argue what is going to make a difference, the starting assumptions that allow abortion to be an option.

*Rape-babies and babies that put the mothers life in danger are a little more complicated. Babies that put the mothers life in danger I can agree with aborting them, as they are a threat to the mothers right to life and are therefore committing an act of aggression against that woman. Rape-babies although indirectly also commit an act of aggression against the woman as they can cause severe mental problems (not that abortion does not as well). In this situation, although I will never suggest it, I can understand and am fine with aborting the baby.

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